Summer Reading

“You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things,so that all the small things go in the right direction.” -@JohnMaxwell

I am currently reading two books by John C. Maxwell.

6012533 Jacket

Below I will provide one excerpt from each book.

Here are a few ways to become a better thinker from John C. Maxwell’s book ‘ How Successful People Lead. ‘

1.         Cultivate Big-Picture Thinking

2.         Engage in Focused Thinking
3.         Harness Creative Thinking
4.         Employ Realistic Thinking
5.         Utilize Strategic Thinking
6.         Explore Possibility Thinking
7.         Learn from Reflective Thinking
8.         Question Popular Thinking
9.         Benefit from Shared Thinking
10.       Practice Unselfish Thinking
11.       Rely on Bottom-Line Thinking

Below is the lens principle from John C. Maxwell’s book,’ How successful people lead.’

The Lens Principle: Who we are determines how we see others.

This principle says once we get our own act together, we will be able to help others get their acts together. It’s impossible, if I am an unhealthy leader, to have healthy followers. I have to fi x myself. We don’t see others as they are; we see others as we are, because each of us has his or her own bent and that colors our view of everything.

What is around us doesn’t determine what we see. What is within us does. For example, if I am an untrusting person, how do you think I will see you? I will see you as untrustworthy. I am going to view you not as you are but as I am. I am going to look at you through the lens of John Maxwell. So anything that is unhealthy about me is going to spill onto you. This is what leaders have to understand.

As a leader, if I can get victory over myself, if I can fix John Maxwell, the odds are high I can help fix others. If I can’t fix myself, the odds are high I will never be able to add value to and help others.

** So what books are keeping you all inspired this summer?**

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