In life we all have our own baggage. Once you empty yours be careful not to pick up anybody else’s. Remember you were only designed to to carry your own. You are nobody’s landfill so watch what your letting people dump on you. If you allow your time to be turned into a ‘dumping session’ you are using that time to pick up their problems.


God has called you to do great things, and your making it harder for yourself by adding baggage God never intended for you to carry. In my life I have found that when I’m focused on accomplishing my goals and other people insist on trying to make me their landfill I loose focus. I take ten steps back from my dreams trying to help someone else lift their burden. Brothers and Sisters that is not what God has called me or you to do. God wants us to turn to Him FIRST and cast all our cares and worries on to him (Psalm 55:22).

So if your working on ‘going the distance’ and not getting whipped out by other people’s baggage then it’s time to cut them loose! That doesn’t mean you don’t love them anymore it just means that you understand Gods role in their life and that you value your time.  Remember time is one commodity you can’t get back ( Ephesians 5:15-17) .



One thought on “GOING THE DISTANCE

  1. Amen and Amen so true. I will no longer allow people to dump their problems on me. First lady i love your Blog. Very uplifting

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